New! For 2021: YSSS Community Events

What are YSSS Community Events?

These virtual meetings aim to provide an opportunity for the cohort to further build their YSSS peer community outside of an academic setting. Communities are built through socializing, developing deeper relationships with one another, working collaboratively, and having fun together. 

When Will Community Events be Held? 

Community events will be held in the Spring of 2021 leading up to the YSSS Program. There will be one event held in each of the following months: April, May, and June.  


What Events are Planned? 

  • Interpersonal Bingo
    • What: During this event, scholars will find out more about each other to complete their Bingo Cards. Winners will receive prizes! 
    • When: April 14 at 7 pm EST (Eastern Standard Time)  
    • Duration: 1 hour 
      • Escape Room  
        • What: Work with your cohort to solve an escape room. 
        • Further details to be announced. 
      • Piece of the Puzzle  
        • What: Like pieces of a puzzle, we all have unique positions to fill within Senior Summit. Create yours! 
        • Further details to be announced.
      • Stay tuned for more details about future events!

      How Can I Access Each Event?