Tips for Completing YSSS Registration

Many of the questions asked on the registration forms are about information you will not need to prepare beforehand, such as your t-shirt size or home address. Some information, however, is easiest to prepare ahead of time. Prior to opening your registration form, we recommend completing the following:

  • Choose your preferred 3 Mentorship sites from the 2020 sites list
  • Scan your insurance card (if you have health insurance)
  • Print the Health History Form, ask a parent/guardian to complete the form, and scan a signed copy of the form
  • Print the YSSS Program Policies Consents and Liability Waiver Form, read the form with a parent/guardian, and scan a signed copy of the form
  • Write an essay (1-2 pages, single spaced, 1-inch margins, Times New Roman, 12-pt. font) in response to the following prompt:
    • Goals refer to intentions we create for ourselves. Write about a goal you have to which you think the Young Scholars Senior Summit program can contribute. What have you done recently to move closer to accomplishing your goal? How do you think that participating in your chosen mentorship sites will further your goal? Please make sure to address how each of your mentorship site choices will assist you in reaching your goals.
    • This essay will assist the YSSS staff with site placements and may be shared with your mentor prior to your arrival at the YSSS program as a way for him/her to get to know you.
  • Answer five of the following prompts (you may use as many or as few sentences as you need). Like your essay, these responses may be shared with your mentor prior to your arrival at the YSSS program as a way for him/her to get to know you.
    • You are fed-up with the course offerings at your high school. Your principal has asked you to design the perfect course for people with your same interests. What would the course be called? What would be taught? 
    • Rather than provide money for a class trip, the board of education has decided to give money to each individual student for a trip of his or her choice! Where would you go? List three (3) places you would visit and explain what you would do while visiting there. Why? 
    • In connection with a Law Day Celebration, a conservative and a liberal attorney in your community have been invited to your high school to debate a topic. What are your three (3) preferred choices for possible debate topics? Why are they important issues to you? 
    • Teenagers in our community have been asked to prepare individual time capsules for future generations. You are allowed to include 10 personal possessions that are representative of you. What would you include in your capsule and why? 
    • If you could conduct an interview with a man AND woman you admire, past or present, who would it be? What three (2) questions would you ask him and her? 
    • If you could be an exchange student in any other country for half a school year, what country would you like to be in as a student? Why? 
    • A mentorship program is being arranged to allow you to work with a person in the community involved in a profession/occupation in which you have an interest. List three (3) occupations that you would like to explore in a mentorship.

Once you have completed your registration, remember to request a recommendation from a teacher or your Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Educational Advisor. Ask the individual to discuss your work in the subject areas related to the mentorship sites you have chosen within your recommendation, and include your last name within the subject line. The recommendation should be sent directly to