Pre-travel Checklist



  • Complete CITI training, online trainings, and/or readings as requested by your mentors (if applicable).


  • The YSSS staff will monitor flight numbers and will meet students arriving at Bradley International Airport. If there are any delays in your travel at any point, please email or call so we can adjust shuttle pick up times if necessary.



  • Bring a dress outfit for the YSSS Conference on 7/26 and the College Fair on 7/27 (please no shorts or T-shirts at these events)
    • Young women: dress or dress pants & blouse, dress shoes (no sneakers!)
    • Young men: dress pants & button down shirt with tie, dress shoes (no sneakers!)
    • PLEASE NOTE: these two events are back-to-back. We recommend bringing two dress outfits, but if this is not possible, laundry services will be available the evening of 7/26.


  • JKCF requires scholars to bring their laptops to the YSSS program. They are absolutely necessary to prepare a college essay prior to the planned college essay workshop day. They are not necessary, however, to complete your work in your mentorships sites as most sites have extra computers to use.


  • You may bring snacks to keep in your rooms. To avoid attracting unwelcome guests, PLEASE only bring snacks in resealable packages/containers.